The ‘SHILLY’ Challenge








Hello my name is James ‘Shilly’ Shillingford, Paul’s ‘little boy’

As many of you know I am not bowling this winter…

Many ask me why? Well…….

As you can guess from the picture on here I am currently into my second week of an 8 week training camp which will end with me stepping into a boxing ring in front of 700+ people at Lakeside on Sunday the 11th of December.

Mad I know right!

But Cancer I feel needs to be beaten sooner and I want to help by raising money to help beat Cancer now, for the people fighting it, the loved ones lost and to hopefully help the future generations in beating cancer.

I will be doing a raffle with lots of bowling prizes and plenty of plonk up for grabs, A chance to win a brand new set of bowls (any make/colour) And a sweepstake. All tickets will be available this week coming.

My fundraising and donation page online is:

Any donations will be greatly received and help me on my journey.

More info at